I am an enthusiast...

I am Pradeep Kakithapalli and I am a photography enthusiast. I love taking pictures and I believe every picture has a story to tell. Like most of you, I started my interest in Photography as a weekend hobby after my week day job in IT. Its been 10 years and this hobby has clung as part of me. I started with a point and shoot camera, after years of journey, one thing that I have realised is that irrespective of what camera you have, you will still have a beautiful story and perspective in the picture you take.

When I started, I had to do a lot of research on how, what and whens of photography. Every time I planned to change a camera or a lens or even to buy one I had to visit a close by showroom and try to fiddle around to see if it was really the one I wanted to get. It was a similar research for every skill or type of photography I wanted to learn. Photography is an ocean, you keep stumbling upon something new every time you click. I have learnt some tips and tricks over the years and this blog is my effort to put my learnings into simple language that beginners to pros can understand. I do not want to limit my writings to a specific genre but will attempt to cater to every single category that enthusiasts like me want to learn or practice.

I am great believer in travelling! So one suggestion to my readers "travel as much as you can". Travel can be anything, walking down your street, driving out of your city or reachig a specific destination. Rememeber, you need to go to the picture..Picture will not come to you.

Happy Clicking!!